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Tasting a South American Favorite: “CHORIPAN AND PAPAS A LA HUANCAINA”

ASADA is bringing back a Special that is the favorite of many – inspired by the food traditions of Latin America that is simply FANTASTICO!! – A South American Explosion of flavors in one plate: “CHORIPAN AND PAPAS A LA HUANCAINA”

Choripán is one of the most recognized street foods from Argentina that is also popular in other neighboring South American Countries.

It’s a delicious grilled chorizo made out of beef and pork on crusty bread and drizzled with “CHIMICHURRI”. The name CHORI-PAN comes from the combination of the Spanish names of its ingredients: a grilled Chorizo (sausage) and a Pan (crusty bread)

To make this “sandwich” even more interesting we are complementing it with “PAPAS A LA HUANCAINA” (potatoes Huancayo style), a traditional Peruvian appetizer of sliced potatoes covered in a spicy cheese sauce that is typically served cold, as a first course.

We hope you enjoyed it…

**Note: As always, our Specials have an ASADA twist – we take the authentic and fuse it to our own tastes.



Homemade Argentinian-style Chorizo (Beef & Pork) on a baguette

drizzled with Chimichurri: (Parsley / Garlic / Olive oil)

**Served with Papas a la Huancaina:

Golden Potatoes tossed with Peruvian-style Spicy Cheese sauce made with Aji Amarillo (Peruvian yellow chile pepper)

ASADA Special - Choripan


It has been two overwhelmingly busy and exciting months at our new location and only three weeks after we launched our new website. We are thrilled to be debuting our brand new Blog today, which will serve as the vehicle by which we will share our thoughts and visions, as well as, provide information about what is happening at ASADA.

And what other topic would be more relevant for our first post but FOOD.

Food provides almost infinite opportunities for creativity and fusion. There is no better timing than now in Greenville, the place we have chosen as our home and to grow our business, than to keep the excitement and fusion of food alive and growing. We are becoming more and more aware of this area’s opening and acceptance to new flavors, and also of the different cultures transplanting to this ever growing foodie city. It has become inspiring to create fusions of flavors new and far and add them to our menu.

Tonight we will be introducing our “Indo-Viet Taco”. We’ve long noticed the connection between the raw ingredients characteristic of India, Vietnam and Latin America and we have adventured to put that on one plate. This is our representation of those three bold, rich cultures and flavors.

We hope you like it!!

It goes as follow:


Grilled Chicken in Homemade Indian Coconut-Curry marinade / Condensed Milk / Turmeric /
Served on 2 Corn Tortillas
Topped with our Fresh Latin-Vietnamese inspired Slaw:
/ Shredded Papaya / Jicama / Mint / Basil / Cilantro / Jalapeños /
**Served with a Side Order of Fresh Tortilla Chips and Pico de Gallo



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