ASADA Specials


Discover our Innovative Latin-inspired Specials!!


Marinated and grilled slices of Tri-tip drizzled with our Home-made Chimichurri.
Served with seasoned White Rice and Escabeche Salad – Choclo (Large kernel Peruvian corn), Jicama, Red onions, and Palmitos (Heart of Palms) drizzled with our Home-made roasted beet vinaigrette.



Beef Bulgogi (Korean Barbecue Beef) / Kimchi Fried Rice / Japanese Nori / Red Leaf Lettuce /
**Drizzled with our Korean spicy (Maeil Shin Gochujang – Hot Red Pepper paste) mayo sauce
*** Served with a side of our crispy Tortilla chips and Pico de Gallo



Grilled Baby Portobello mushrooms / sautéed Shallots / Swiss Chard / Smoked Morita chile paste / Choclo (Large kernel Peruvian corn) Dry white wine / Topped with our homemade Cilantro-Pepita (Hulled pumpkin seed) pesto

**Served with Fresh Tortilla chips & Pico de Gallo


CUBANO [Cuban Sandwich & Yuca Fries]

ASADA style slow-roasted Pork Loin / Ham / Swiss Cheese / Dill Pickles / Caramelized Onions / Cuban bread **Served with Yuca Fries & Citrus-garlic sauce

Bolitas De Yuca Con Queso

[Yuca Balls Stuffed With Cheese]

Crispy Yuca Balls stuffed with Cheese / Served with a side of mild spicy Peruvian “Huancaína Sauce” [ Creamy Ají Amarillo pepper base sauce ]

Chicken Karaage Taco

Japanese style Fried Chicken / Marinated in Sake / Ginger / Garlic / Soy sauce / **Topped with our Latin-Asian Slaw: Jalapenos / Radishes / Cabbage / Scallions / Ponzu Dressing / Sesame seeds / ***Served with a side of Fresh Tortilla Chips & Pico de Gallo

Taquitos Dorados

[Golden Rolled Tacos]

Three rolled crispy tacos filled with seasoned chicken and topped with Nicaraguan style coleslaw married with Queso Cotija and imported Salvadorian Crema

Queso Frito & Tostones 

[Fried Cheese & Crispy Green Plantains]

Typical Nicaraguan appetizer: Fried Cheese / Crispy Green Plantains / Nicaraguan style Slaw /


(2) Crispy (Argentinian Style dough) Empanadas Guava and Cream Cheese Or Beef (Certified Angus Beef) Red peppers / Green Peppers / Hard boiled Eggs / Capers / Olives / Raisin Or Jalapeño-Spinach & Cream Cheese

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